In terms of economic, community, social and family life, not to mention simple everyday life, the joint Provigo and Groupe Maurice project, in partnership with the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, aims to give life back to a vacant lot of land located at the corner of Avenue Claremont and Boulevard de Maisonneuve.

This project offers plenty of benefits, of which each resident will surely find a number that appeal to them. See how below.

Together, let’s say yes to this project that will contribute to enriching our neighbourhood life!

Advantages to benefit every generation 
  • The creation of a prestigious residential complex intended for retirees who would like to remain in their neighbourhood and close to their family;
  • The creation of 225 new quality jobs generated by the partners;
  • A fiscal contribution of over 1 million dollars per year made possible by the undertaking of municipal projects that benefit the entire population;
  • A contribution of $350,000 to support social housing in the neighbourhood;
  • A residential space for parents of sick children hospitalised at the MUHC in order to meet an important need of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation;
  • The relocation of the bicycle path on Boulevard de Maisonneuve* to ensure the safety of cyclists;
  • The improvement of the landscape around and in the vicinity of the project with further planting of mature trees, the addition of an urban building and the enlargement of the sidewalks on Boulevard de Maisonneuve between Claremont and Décarie**;
  • A much-improved food offer with the addition of a smaller-sized, warmer, new-concept food market, with a modern, streamlined style, to which 71% of the neighbourhood population say they are favourable too, in the recent Léger survey.
  • A project to bring together all the generations, created with the concerns of the local residents in mind, with a genuine concern for the protection of the environment and minimal impact on traffic and noise, according to two studies carried out by specialty firms.***

*measure initiated by the Borough.

**discussions with the Borough to be completed.

***Study of traffic carried out by CIMA; study of noise carried out by WSP Canada.